Welcome to the blog of ThinkXD

My name is Grant Carmichael, a User Experience Designer based in Grand Rapids, MI. I have 18 years of experience in the design field and during this time, have been fortunate to work with boundlessly creative people in West Michigan. In 2008, I started ThinkXD, a UX practice that specializes in the research and design of interface design frameworks for products and web-based applications as expressed with flows, wireframes and interactive prototyping.

I was most recently an Interaction Designer at Knoware, a studio dedicated to web applications and embedded display products with a knack for invention and previously as a Project Leader/Interactive Designer with Square One Design, a nationally recognized graphic design studio gifted at finding the right personality for an experience. I have a degree in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University, a foundation that I still draw upon today to keep the end user at the heart of any project.


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My current Resume [40k PDF]